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Puntaldia operates for sale and rent of villas, luxury residences and apartments in Sardinia.

Puntaldia is not only this. Is love for work in a beautiful island, is sharing the values ​​of Sardinia where time passes slowly, you can find a home where to come back and say "home at last".

Smell the scents, colors, sensations and emotions that are repeated, not as a guest, but finally as the owner of a piece of wonderful Sardinia, which has welcomed you because it has been able to understand and accommodate your needs and deepest needs, He really wants to make you part of a world.

In this world Puntaldia is expression of the hopes over the demands, recognizes the value of those desires and promotes the "ideal home" enclosed in wonderful treasure that is nature.

Quality of life and quality construction characterize the properties selected from Puntaldia.

For sell or rent your home?

Contact the real estate of the Puntaldia Services Center, we will find the right solution.

For buy or rent a house for your holidays in Sardinia?

Contact the Puntaldia Services Center.

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